miniature poodles are over 10 inches tall
and up to 15 inches tall at the shoulder



(The easiest pronunciation is simply the sound of the letters P N)
(or pronounce, Pee-uhn)
My old American Heritage Dictionary defines the word Paean as
"a joyful song."
Paean was chosen because it describes how my heart feels about my poodles.
They truly make my heart sing.

Austin Powers is a Daddy again!
see the puppy page for more information. 



Peaches triple hula hoop jump.


My Orange Pumpkin Heads of Halloween 2005

summer 2006
Bobby at 8 years old Dec. 2007


Bobby, Abby (center) & Peaches


My poodles all have a sweet, loving and alert temperament
They live with me in my home and are members of the family.


AKC definition:
Carrying himself proudly, very active, intelligent. The poodle has about him an air of distinction and dignity peculiar to himself.

If you may be interested in a puppy send an email to me
telling me something about yourself.
What city and state do you reside in.
Have you had a poodle before.
Why are you interested in a poodle puppy.
Do you have a fenced in yard.
Do you have a large or small family.
Do you have other pets.


Phone: 262-514-2573

Location roughly:

 South West of Milwaukee.
About 40 minutes North from the Wisconsin/Illinois state line.
15 miles West of I-94, Racine exit 333,


Whether you have left the room for a minute or been gone from home for an hour,
returning is a joyful welcome from your poodle.


Doodles, ----Apoos or any 'Designer" or cross breeds
Here is my front page fine print.
In my conscience I cannot be a part of granting full registration for a dog  that is likely to be used to create mixed breed puppies. That would be undoing over 100 years of work of breeders in this  country.
If it wasn't for their careful breeding selections, goals, hard work &  heartaches then we would not have the recognizable dog breeds that we do today. Including the ability to create the first generation crosses that some seem to prefer to title them when they are actually a mixed breed.
In my opinion, there are already too many people who are creating those 1st and 2nd generation crosses.(My mother used to call them Heinz 57s) They often charge outrageous prices more than purebreds while they do not invest in the same quality dogs, health testing or care or the hundreds of other things that good breeders do.
I am interested in upholding the quality of the poodle breed by the standards written in the American Kennel Club and the Poodle Club Of America.
I have a waiting list available because we do not have puppies all the time.
Therefore, unless special arrangements are made with me,
all pups will have a neuter / spay contract and limited registrations as all pets should have.
If anyone is interested in "Designer" dogs or  half poodle mixes then check your local shelter first.
Your Local shelter is not the same as the Humane $ of the United States.  That organization does not house animals that are waiting for adoption. They do run Television and magazine & net ads asking for money. That money received by them does not usually reach your hardworking local shelter that does take care of animals waiting for adoption.
Thank you for reading this.


An inquirey arrived today asking to buy an older female puppy. I wrote back asking why she wanted an older female puppy.
Typically I do answer every inquiry with a question because I want to get a feel for the people. I try to place every puppy in the best loving forever homes. The answer back was they are professional breeders of Cockapoos I asked for the link and it was given. I browsed until I was too sad to look any more.

They don't screen puppy buyers, anyone with a credit card can use their pay pal and send a deposit to hold a puppy. Doesn't matter who it is or why they want a puppy.

No refunds given either. They just want the money and don't seem to care who they are selling to.

Then I noticed they recommend vitamins not available in stores that you need a special code to buy them on line. Those puppies need special vitamins? Without a vet endorsement?

They don't give a scent blanket or a starter bag of food with the puppy to help the puppy's adjustment in a new home go easier. They charge for those things if you want them.

I didn't notice any health testing done on either parent. No hip xray, no patella checks, no PRAprcd1 genetic testing, no CERF testing. It wouldn't matter to them because they don't give refunds anyway. The part sad to me is for the puppies they are producing because a slipped patella or displaced hip is very painful. I also noticed they are breeding Cocker Spaniels a medium sized dog to what looks like toy poodles. Meaning a large male to a small female. I can only wonder if when they brought the poodles if they had permission to breed them like that. Certainly none of the responsible breeders I know would have agreed to that. Trying to pass a puppy that is too large is not only painful but can be life threatening. The breeders I know work hard to protect and promote their dogs and respect the hard work of the generations of breeders before them.

Cocker Spaniels are a handsome breed as are poodles. Each has a history.  Mixing the two real breeds results in puppies that are not a real breed. Cockapoo is not a breed of dog. It is a mixed breed that has become a common descriptive term. Same as Labradoodle is a term to describe a mixed breed of a dog.

If you adopted and gave a dog a 2nd chance you are a kind person.

If you bought one from a breeder then you encouraged them to make more.
Yes, your puppy is cute.

No, it is not the same as an AKC registered breed or the same as either of it's parents.

No, your mixed or hybrid or a-poo breeder didn't invent something new. Actually maybe they did- they found a new way to sell something of small value for a large price TO YOU. They charged the same as a breeder who spent thousands of dollars on their parent dogs in showing and testing to be sure they had quality breeding dogs. Only the mixed breeder didn't spend money to have their dogs judged or health tested or even bought from any quality lines and they didn't spend anything to register the puppies. You only have their word that the dog is what they say it is. They could have bought the parents from a puppy miller or the neighbor down the block who had an 'opps' litter with the dog who jumped the fence. Without verifiable papers you have proof of nothing.

Why would anyone want to buy a back yard mechanic special hybrid of let's say a half a Subaru car with a half of a ford truck and a fresh coat of paint when for about the same price you can have a brand new Toyota Highlander with a factory warranty? Sure, the *Subaford * is cute and you'll be the only one on your block who has one. Sure, everyone you talk to about it smiles.

All I can really say is shame on those who waste my time trying to trick me out of a puppy for such dishonorable purposes. Please go find a more honorable way to spend your time.

Last updated 2/2011 ...